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Choosing Your Ideal Poker Table

Since the turn of this century, poker as a game has been enjoying a steady and gradual rise in popularity both at recreational and professional levels.

Professional players like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Liv Boree, among others have become fairly popular among the poker playing population.

The rise in popularity of poker games is not just limited to the casino or the online arena, but a growing number of people have started enjoying it as a recreational activity among friends at home.

If you too wish to setup a poker playing station at your home, there are a few things you should consider. You need to factor in things like accessories, table placement, the number of people that you would normally expect, among others.

Following these steps will help you in zeroing in on the poker table best suited for you:

Step 1:  You need to start by deciding where would you place the poker table. If you prefer playing the game in the dining room, there are tables designed in a manner that can be used both as a poker and dining table. They can have a top that slides off revealing the felt surface for playing poker. There are also convertible poker table tops available, which can be laid above a regular table. If you have space for a dedicated poker table in your basement or a special game room, there are wooden tables available in different sizes.

Step 2:  You of course would have an estimate about how many people would  you normally expect for a game at your place. Also, you need to think about the games which will be mostly preferred by you and your friends. If your group prefers a full 10-handed game of Texas Hold ‘em, you will have to consider a large oval table model to accommodate the full group. On the other hand, if you guys normally stick to short-handed games, you can go for an octagonal table or even a table-top might be suitable for your needs.

Step 3:  You need to have a good idea of the accessories you would want to be built in the poker table. There are poker tables designed with chip and drink holders built in. You can even have custom-made poker tables with your choice of wood, felt, holders, etc.

Step 4:  You also need to consider the material of the table that suits you the most. You can save money by going in for poker tables that are made of plastic or foam core, since they are relatively inexpensive and even easy to transport between different floors and rooms. But these tables have a shorter life and usually wear down in a few years and might not be very sturdy. Whereas the wooden tables though expensive will usually remain in top condition for many years if maintained properly.