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How to Play Poker like a Boss

You want to play poker like a boss. No problem.

There are numerous training sites, your family and friends who play the game and many more ways by which you can get guidance. There will be tips on how to play, a list of do’s and don’ts of the game and the perfect strategies.

There will be so much input that in some time you are bound to get confused and begin to feel that there are so many concepts to learn and there is no way you can apply them while playing at the table.

Sure enough Poker is an intimating and complex game. But when you put in time, patience and the right approach you will not just play without stress, but will play like a boss in no time.

Here are 4 ways to get better at poker:

  • Books are your best friend: Books are among the best resources for learning poker. There are a multitude of books available for each and every kind of a player. You could be a novice or someone with a better understanding of the game. There is one for all. Books deliver the required information in a very concise and detailed way.
  • Training Videos: A video is another useful resource to learn or improve your game of poker. It allows you to view the pros in action and witness how they handle tough situations. It is a great solace to see that they too make mistakes, which in turn would surely boost your confidence level.
  • Forums: Joining a forum is great when you are discussing strategies and hands with like-minded people. But it is not advisable when you have questions. As you could get conflicting views.
  • Coaching: This one of the most expensive ways to better your game. But investing in a coach could give you a better insight into your own game and make you familiar with your strengths and weaknesses.


And keep in mind the 2 golden rules of improving:

1. Don’t be in a hurry to apply all the concepts you have learned. Just apply one concept in every session you play, without worrying about the outcome initially. You will have more fun when you are focusing on the strategic aspects of the game and improving your skills as a poker player.

2. Learn from your mistakes. It is obvious that while learning anything, you are bound to make mistakes. But a pro is someone who learns from his mistakes and does not repeat them. Mistakes are essential for a player, provided you are committing fresh ones each time.