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Convertible Poker & Dining Table by Million Dollar Rustic

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Convertible Poker & Dining Table by Million Dollar Rustic

The popularity of the game of poker has grown exponentially as this game is both intriguing and relaxing. To play poker, the only necessity is a proper poker table. Due to the quality of the tables that they showcase, Americana Poker Tables has been the ultimate destination for those who are looking forward to purchasing high-quality poker tables. The Convertible Poker And Dining Table By Million Dollar Rustic features in the list of poker cum dining table that Americana Poker Tables showcases.

This multi-purpose poker table is designed to be practical and easy to use.

  • It converts from a dining table to a poker table within seconds

  • It has a very handy storage inside, for drinks and poker chips

  • Each player gets his own drawer for storing mobile phones, car keys and in general all things that don't belong at a poker table! (unless you run out of chips and need to bet your car!)

  • Practical cup holders will keep your drinks steady and off the table surface

  • Chip rack for each player is embedded into the table, so you can organize your stack easily

The dining top slides off (and on) with ease, yet it sits on top firmly and will not wobble during your dinners!

Convertible Poker Table by Million Dollar Rustic


This table comes in two different motif variants:

  1. with the star detail
  2. or without

Million Dollar Rustic Poker Table - Star or no star

Here have a closer look at the features of this table:

  • High Quality Raw Materials Used – The manufacturers of this table have left no stone unturned in the bid to ensure that it is high in terms of quality. Made of top class rustic wood, this table comes in two motif variants – with star details or without.
  • Carefully Designed – This table is designed in such a way that the top remains firm and does not wobble while dining. After dining the top slides off it can be used to play poker.
  • Six Player Board – The board has been designed in such a fashion so that it can accommodate six players. In the bid to organise the stacks easily, each player is provided with a chip rack which is embedded in the table.
  • Drink Holders – Nothing can be more relaxing than playing poker while sipping drinks. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers have equipped the table with six drink holders.
  • Storage Space – This table comes with storage place which allows the players to keep their belongings. Each player is provided with a separate drawer.



    • Measurements: W53" x H31" x D53"
    • Weight: 230 lbs
    • Light wax finish, that is oil based
    • 6 drink-holders
    • Lift-off top (weighs 5-10 lbs) available with star or without it
    • Storage pedestal with wine rack
    • Style: Million Dollar Rustic #11-1-10-8-TABLE


    Here, it is important to take a note of the fact that we here at Americana Poker Tables take impeccable care while delivering the tables. The tables are delivered in the best possible condition. Moreover, no extra amount is charged.

    Our Manufacturer

    Million Dollar Rustic produces quality, hand-crafted, solid wood rustic furniture, perfect for completing any space within your home.

    Long before rustic furniture grew to its current status of a “must have” category for every retail furniture floor and discriminating home interior, Million Dollar Rustic was in the business of cultivating the best, finest quality, hand-crafted, solid wood rustic furniture available anywhere.

    Decades of experience in manufacturing make their products a safe bet each and every time. Watch the video below to see how much attention they put into their products. 


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