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$2,899.00 $3,479.00 -17% OFF

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Product Description

Introducing the Helmsley Convertible Poker & Dining Table by BBO, a true masterpiece of design and versatility. This exceptional table seamlessly combines the excitement of poker with the elegance of a dining table, offering you the ultimate entertainment experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Helmsley table boasts a luxurious Walnut finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any room. The rich and warm tones of the wood exude a sense of timeless beauty, enhancing the overall ambiance of your space.

The Helmsley table is designed to accommodate both dining and poker experiences. With a matching dining top included, you can effortlessly transform this table into an exquisite dining surface, perfect for hosting intimate gatherings and elegant dinner parties. Seating up to 6 people for dining, this table provides ample space for shared meals and memorable conversations.

When it's time to unleash the excitement of poker, the Helmsley table easily accommodates up to 8 players. The distinct rectangular poker surface, a BBO exclusive, sets this table apart, offering a unique playing experience. The removable plush armrest is equipped with built-in cup holders, ensuring that beverages are within reach and minimizing the risk of spills, keeping the focus on the game.

The Helmsley table is built to last, with solid wood construction for the dining top and legs. The scratch-resistant surface ensures that your table will maintain its beauty even after countless games and meals. Invest in a table that not only offers style and functionality but also stands the test of time.

Elevate your game nights and dining experiences with the BBO Helmsley Poker & Dining Table Set with matching chairs. Experience the seamless transition between dining and gaming, indulge in the comfort and convenience of the removable armrest, and appreciate the durability and elegance of the wood construction. Don't miss out on this extraordinary offer – seize the opportunity to transform your entertainment space and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. Take the winning hand and secure this exceptional table set today.

Main Features & Benefits
  • Matching Dining Top included: Maximize the functionality of your space by having a table that serves dual purposes, allowing you to effortlessly switch between poker games and dining occasions.

  • Walnut Finish: The luxurious Walnut finish adds a touch of sophistication and timeless beauty to any room.

  • Seating for 6 for Dining, 8 for Poker: Accommodate up to 6 people for dining and up to 8 players for exciting poker games, ensuring ample space for your guests.

  • Removable Plush Armrest with Built-in Cup Holders: The removable plush armrest provides added comfort and convenience, while the built-in cup holders keep beverages within reach during gaming or dining.

  • Distinct Rectangular Poker Surface: The exclusive rectangular poker surface sets this table apart, offering a unique and engaging playing experience.

  • Solid Wood Dining Top and Legs - Scratch Resistant: Constructed with solid wood for the dining top and legs, ensuring durability and resistance to scratches.

  • Versatility and Style: The Helmsley Convertible Poker & Dining Table combines versatility and style, adapting seamlessly to different occasions and enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.

  • Unforgettable Entertainment Experiences: Impress your guests and enjoy memorable moments with friends and family, fostering connections and providing a stunning centerpiece for unforgettable entertainment experiences

Product Details:

  • Top Material: Wood
  • Assembly required
  • BBO Poker Tables 2BBO-HELM

      Weight and Dimensions
      Poker dimensions 72 x 46 x 30 inches (LxWxH)
      Dining Dimensions 70 x 44 x 29 inches
      Weight 416 lb.
      Chair Weight and Dimensions
        • 37in tall
        • 17.5in deep
        • Seat width 19in
        • Seat height 20in from the floor
        • Solid wood
        • Sold individually
        • Matches the Helmsley Dining Top
        • Style: BBO Helmsley Chair
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