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Transforming your garage into a perfect man cave

Ever thought of converting your garage into your own man cave where you and your buddies can spend quality time with a classic game of Poker? There are endless benefits of converting a garage into a man cave.

Every man needs some alone time with his homies and a garage-turned-Poker room is one of the best ways. After a tiring long week, you can invite your friends over food, drinks and a fun evening of Poker right at home. You no longer have to drive all the way up to the casino. You can play with your friends or family. Besides that, taking on a creative project of transforming the old and rusty garage into a handsome Poker room could be challenging as well as fun.

Having your own Poker Table in your personally designed man cave can jazz up your Poker home game. If you want to conserve space or garage has less room for a Poker table, you can always buy the convertible Poker table. Check out the amazing Poker and Dining tables on Americana Poker Tables. There are plenty of neat designs that you can choose from, to suit the Poker room’s décor. But, before you get started on the project, take a look at the few points that might help you.

  • Creating a blank canvas out of your garage

Garages find many purposes like storing unused stuff, storing bikes, winter clothes and cleaning supplies. If you want to make the most of the space, you’ve got to do the cleaning first. Empty the garage and throw away the junk you do not require. You can call for a yard sale at your backyard and get rid of the stuff you don’t need.

  • Call for the insulation services

You do not want to shiver in the cold while playing Poker at your man cave and neither will your buddies appreciate it. Get it insulated. It might be a little heavy on the pocket but it’s only for the best. Now the hard part is done, the fun part awaits. Give your to-be man cave a brand new coat of painting.

  • Lighten up, decorate and furnish well

Install cool lighting system and suitable furnishings. Surely you must have already cooked up a design for your Poker room. A bar or mini bar and a small fridge would be perfect additions. Now you can play Poker, eat and drink at the comfort of your home.