How to be the cool dude of poker

October 18, 2016

How to be the cool dude of poker

Casual card games are for women, men play to win!

Well, at least that's the general mood in card rooms (no hard feelings women, we do not mean to be disrespectful). Men are made for combat and competition and a card game is nothing short of a combat.

Perhaps there is nothing more manly than enjoying any card game, but especially ‘poker’.

Poker is a highly competitive game that requires loads of grit and determination. It is a game of considerable skill and sophistication. Poker parties are most popular for a boy’s night out as it is a perfect combination of competition and entertainment.

With more and more man caves being armed with poker tables, it has upgraded the enjoyment level of buddies. Organizing poker home games will enhance your reputation as the cool dude of poker. Your poker party needs to reflect and show   your character.

Here's a checklist you need while organizing a poker party that would ensure that you are the cool dude of poker:

  • Most important: You dare not overlook the bar room factor.
  • Do not ‘theme’ your poker party. You can put poker as the theme to any other celebration, but a theme party integrated with a poker party is an absolute no-no.
  • Ask guests to get a bag full of coins for convenience.
  • Feed every one with something quick and easy before the game starts. Later as the play is on a roll, provide snacks and drinks to keep everyone glued to the game and not think about anything else.
  • Keep two full packs of cards counted, shuffled and ready. One in play and the other ready for the next hand.
  • Make a list of the variants of the game that can be played. This will keep the guests interested and engaged. Keep away from the wackier versions or the versions involving too many complex rounds of betting. It helps in maintaining a steady flow in the game.
  • Explain the house rules at the onset of the game and see to it that they are enforced. This will avert any chaos and confusion.
  • Set betting limits that are affordable and realistic for all the guests.
  • Do not get so carried away by your role as a host that your attention is not on your game. It will be an ultimate sin if you do not know the bet, play out of turn or miss a turn.
  • Remember you are the host and the onus is on you to keep the game going till the last player drops.

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