Here’s a quick way to hosting the perfect poker home game

Here’s a quick way to hosting the perfect poker home game

Poker Home Game is one of the best ways to spend time with friends or family during the weekends. It is recreational, engaging and super fun. 

Hosting a game of poker at your home is the perfect way to get started with poker. Some concepts, such as stack sizes and chip denominations, can be difficult, but we will explain everything you need to know. You don’t have to go overboard with the poker setup. Even a simple setting can be perfect for a game of poker.

If you are planning to host a poker game at your home, here are some great tips that will make your game more fun and interesting.

Setting up the Atmosphere

Once you fulfill basic requirements, you will need to scale up the levels with an exciting atmosphere. It will also leave the guests looking for more! Take care of all the refreshments and make sure everyone enjoys their game.

Below are further ways to add to the atmosphere:

Scheduling the Game

To make sure that you have enough people around the table on the game day, you need to make sure that enough people are onboard with you. Confirm a date that suits everyone in your circle.

Start planning a few weeks ahead to make sure that everyone has plenty of time to think about it and confirm their availability. For a home poker game, six to seven people are enough.

Grab Snacks and Beverages

Make sure that you have snacks and beverages to enjoy a great poker home game. Moreover, you can also spice things up with a dinner for the participants. For best poker nights, you can try out a variety of food. You can never go wrong with local finger foods or steak from a nearby restaurant.   

Setting Clear Game Rules

It is important to be clear about the rules before going ahead with the game to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Assign the value to the chips and demonstrate clear guidelines for the guests. These rules can be about the playing etiquettes or how the game should proceed. A few common examples include whether a player can wear a sun glasses. Or mobile phones usage should be allowed on the table during the game or not.

Get a Dealer

You can have the best equipment, cards, and players, but without an experienced dealer, your poker night will feel incomplete. There should be at least one person whose job is to shuffle the deal cards and keep the gamegoing.

If hiring a dealer seems expensive for you, then you can also go for a player who also has the responsibility of the dealer. For a fun poker game, the players can take turns one by one to ensure that everyone volunteer.

If you don’t have a dealer for the occasion, then you may experience a slower game with lots of breaks and pauses.

Pick and End Time

It is also vital to determine when the home poker game is going to end since it is an important factor in the success of the game. Some of the players can play passively and stay in for a long time if allowed to. Surely, you would not want anyone to spend days playing poker passively on your property without any signs of an end.

Setting up the table

  • Getting an official Poker table

 If you do not have a Poker table, you can always buy one from Americana Poker Tables. You can select from the various designs that are in store. If you want to save space, you can always opt for the folding or convertible Poker tables.

  • Keeping it simple

Now that you have the perfect Poker table, you need to keep the simple. Let one player handle all the cashing out and rebuys while another person handles the buying-in. This will simplify the game and keep it running smoothly. 


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Getting it all together

  • The dart board

You need to keep your people entertained as well. Whether it’s a family get-together, an all women’s night, or a man cave, keeping a dart board in the Poker room is always worth it. Besides the official Poker table, you can get the real feel of a casino at the comfort of your home.

  • The elements for décor

Hang cool pictures like the greatest Poker players of all times, or hang your favorite bass player, line up the trophies or stick some movie posters like that of Reservoir Dogs, The Godfather and more.

  • Take care of extra seats

When you invite friends or family over for a Poker night, make sure that you have some extra seats arranged. If someone brings some friends along, you will have it all in place. Home theater seating is a strong recommendation. Or you can simple keep some extra chairs.


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Setting up home Poker tournaments or cash games

  • Poker Tournament

Hosting a home Poker tournament is the latest trend that spices up home Poker games. Be it with your family or friends, a tournament makes the game much more engaging and challenging.

  • Cash Games

Occasionally, you can set up cash games which are really easy to host. Make sure that you set the buy-in at an agreeable level and have someone keep track of the cash inflow and outflow. This will make the games worth looking forward to.

Cash game is different from the other games with different chips and end point. The players have the liberty to cash out as they wish.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know all the aspects of holding the perfect poker home game, it is time to get the equipment, set a date and invite the guests over. After you are all set up, make sure to include soft music in the background and set up a vibe and ambiance for your place. Once the game starts rolling, focus on having a good time with your friends.

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