How to turn Friday nights into a fun poker night with friends and family

How to turn Friday nights into a fun poker night with friends and family

If you are a recreational home Poker player, you probably know the need to spice up the games and make it more interesting. Following the same format, every weekend may make the game a little too boring. The youngsters in your family may stop showing up and you friends can bail on you for some other engagement. But you can keep your Poker games fun and exciting by following the few tips given below.

Dress up like a famous Poker player

Invite your friends or family for a dress up night and ask them to dress up as a famous Poker player. It’s alright if you are not a Poker pro. You can always have fun dressing up and acting like them. Pick a favorite player and put on that person’s personality for the night. You can choose Doyle Brunson, Liv Boree or Phil Hellmuth and more.

A satellite event

It’s not easy to win an official Poker tournament at a casino whereas every player dreams of it. But when you are playing with regulars, you have greater chances to win. Why not arrange for a grand prize for the winner? You may not want to pour in your cash into the games every time you host a satellite event. The other participants and you can split up the tournament winner’s prize.

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Add a touch of sports in your Poker room

Keep the Poker game going smooth and keep the entertainment up at the same time by installing a TV. Your family or friends can get together over Poker and cheer for your nation’s baseball team. Hang posters and keep the environment sporty and energetic. Gather everyone on a Sunday evening and play, eat, and drink away.

Go for home challenges

You are not the only one who owns a home Poker table. Your neighbors are likely to have their man caves set up too. Arrange home challenges by organizing tournaments. This will give you a chance to meet new people as well.

Introduce a Chip Calculator

No one likes to count and go through that process. You can easily spice the night and quicken things up with the help of a chip calculator. This advanced tool will ensure that you are able to perfectly split the stacks. With its help, you can increase the efficiency and the overall speed of the game.

It will also help you save time and money that you otherwise would have to spend on a dealer. A chip calculator will also make you look like a professional and efficient poker organizer.

The chip calculator will increase the amount of fun you have while playing poker. Just make sure that you buy an effective chip calculator so you can play through the night.

Encourage Every Participant

Poker is a game for everyone, even when someone is not well-versed in it, so it’s important to encourage the participants. It is vital to accommodate players of all levels in the poker game to get the best of the poker experience.

You can also display the poster of all hands to ensure that the ranking is visible to everyone in the room. Not only will it make the game run smoother, but it will also prevent you from explaining things over and over.

Invest in a Blind’s Timer

It is important to keep track of timings in poker. There are different traditional cheating methods that need to be monitored, such as pot odds, potential hand opportunities, and tells of the players sitting across. To make the game fair, make sure to set up the blind structure.

You will find plenty of options on online sites from where you can choose the one that suits you the best. Before starting the game, make sure that everyone agrees with the blind chart before setting a timer. This way, you will not forget to raise the binds again.

And if you want to take this a step ahead, you can even get your hands on dealer chips.

Automatic Card Shuffler

This is another thing that pros often go for. An automatic card shuffler makes sure that there is no room for errors and cheating. It ensures that it also saves the dealer from having to put in additional effort and ensures an effective and accurate way of dealing cards.

The best thing about this automatic card shuffler is that it ensures the time taken to shuffle is significantly less than it takes for a human to shuffle these cards. They are available online at low prices, so make sure to get yourself one already!

Card Guards

Card guard is one such tool that is trusted by thousands of professionals worldwide. This tool prevents cards from accidentally being discarded. This is especially useful when you have a huge crowd, and there are plenty of people playing. That’s because it can be difficult for the dealer to know who is in and who is out.

Implementing a card guard will help you spice up the night and protect the player’s fingers. Moreover, many consider these a lucky charm, so they will be a nice souvenir for friends and family.

Comfortable Seating Space   

While poker is a fast-paced game, it can still take plenty of time to complete. Therefore, it is important for you to provide cushioned seating and make sure everyone is comfortable. Moreover, you can also offer snacks, beverages, and other things your friends and family might enjoy.

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Final Thoughts

Although poker can be played with simple accessories and tools, it is not as fun as it is with premium tools that upgrade the overall experience. Adopt the above-mentioned tips to enjoy a premium poker game with friends and family.

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