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How to turn Friday nights into a fun poker night with friends and family

If you are a recreational home Poker player, you probably know the need to spice up the games and make it more interesting. Following the same format, every weekend may make the game a little too boring. The youngsters in your family may stop showing up and you friends can bail on you for some other engagement. But you can keep your Poker games fun and exciting by following the few tips given below.

  • Dress up like a famous Poker player

Invite your friends or family for a dress up night and ask them to dress up as a famous Poker player. It’s alright if you are not a Poker pro. You can always have fun dressing up and acting like them. Pick a favorite player and put on that person’s personality for the night. You can choose Doyle Brunson, Liv Boree or Phil Hellmuth and more.

  • Chinese Poker

Host a Chinese Poker night. The most commonly played Chinese poker requires 4 players where each player is handed out 13 cards. Read online on how to play Chinese poker. This will add a variation to the daily old format of regular Poker nights. Learn the different strategies and get adventurous.

  • A satellite event

It’s not easy to win an official Poker tournament at a casino whereas every player dreams of it. But when you are playing with regulars, you have greater chances to win. Why not arrange for a grand prize for the winner? You may not want to pour in your cash into the games every time you host a satellite event. The other participants and you can split up the tournament winner’s prize.

  • Add a touch of sports in your Poker room

Keep the Poker game going smooth and keep the entertainment up at the same time by installing a TV. Your family or friends can get together over Poker and cheer for your nation’s baseball team. Hang posters and keep the environment sporty and energetic. Gather everyone on a Sunday evening and play, eat, and drink away.

  • Go for home challenges

You are not the only one who owns a home Poker table. Your neighbors are likely to have their man caves set up too. Arrange home challenges by organizing tournaments. This will give you a chance to meet new people as well.