The most popular card games

The most popular card games

It does not matter if you are in a mountain hut in Colorado, or on the roof terrace in Austin, Texas. On convivial evenings with family, friends or even strangers; everywhere cards are taken out and played together. Not only in the US, but also in the rest of the world. Here is the triumphant advance of the handy paper cards in an exemplary journey around the world:


The Mexicans are playing Conquian. For this purpose, the Spanish sheet is used, which has instead of cross, spades, hearts and diamonds, sword, sword, chalice and coin. The clothing of King, Queen and Jack reminds a lot of the Spanish conquerors and shows the history of the country during the game. As the oldest variant of Rummy in the "New World", it's about coming out with streets or quartets.


The world's most popular card game has been largely cultivated in the US: Of course, it is poker. No surprise here. The game of bluff, strategy and a bit of luck has experienced a big boom in recent years. The fascination of the game is probably also justified by the fact that mostly money is played. In large tournaments, the amounts even go into the millions. Regional there are also some other games, but usually also get along with the 52er deck.


If small children play along, Black Peter (which has its own deck of cards) or Maumau (French hand, 32 maps) are still the classics. Among adults, it often depends on regional preferences, whether Schnapsen, sheep's head, Doppelkopf or Skat is played. In addition, the correct number of cards should be present. If the normal 32-skate blade is available, Doppelkopf and Schafskopf are no longer possible, because Doppelkopf needs 40 cards (2 decks with 10, jack, queen, ace, ace) and the sheep's head is true though the number of cards, but it is with played a Bavarian sheet and not with a French. How serious that is, you can see the ever-increasing number of Internet portals and tournaments every single game has.


Many eastern countries (Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) agree that they want to play one of the variants of 1000, as the game in Russia is called. The game is played in threes, whereby a fourth player is also possible if he is once again suspended. Requires a stack of 24 cards (nine to ace). Each player holds seven cards in his hand, the remaining three are in the middle. If you have a queen and queen of one color, you can collect double points and reach your goal faster to reach the 1000 points.


Gong Zhu means something like "hunt the pig" and you can imagine both the pikedame and the loser of the game as a pig. Playing spades will try to lure the pic ladies out. Occasionally, the fun of the Chinese goes so far that the loser has to crawl under the table to run like a pig on all fours. For this game a French deck with 52 cards is suitable.


Probably the most played game in Thailand is called "black frog - red frog" (or variants of it) in which four players usually play for money. The colors black and red already show that the subdivision cross, spades, hearts and diamonds is not needed, but only the two basic colors come into play. The red cards are worthless and the black cards have different points depending on the card value. From the deck of 52 cards 24 are distributed to the players. If two players play, each player gets twelve, four players play each player, and each player receives six cards.


Australia's national game is called 500; a game that was originally invented in the USA. Up to six people with 10 cards in each hand try to earn 500 points. As with the skat, the player can choose the trump card that appeals the furthest. The hand consists of 61 cards (French card with 52 cards extended by 11, 12 and a wild card).


The French tarot has nothing to do with fortune-telling. Tarot is a primeval game and yet we do not use the familiar "French sheet". There are 78 cards in this game. Between lady and boy there is another picture, the Cavalier. Instead of an ace, there are the one and another 21 cards, trump cards that are very ornate decorated and represent different life situations. The last card that's missing is Bouts, which means end. Also the counting waye in this game is unusual, because even half points are awarded.

In order to be able to play all the games presented here correctly, one would probably have to take a suitcase full of cards along the way. The question also arises with promotional items: Do my customers even play with the cards they have received? Check it out or get ahead of time before giving away the cards.

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