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$5,517.00 $6,490.00 -15% OFF

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Product Description

Introducing the Darafeev Euclid Poker & Dining Table, where sophistication meets functionality. This round flip-over table effortlessly transitions between a gaming surface and an exquisite dining table, making it the perfect centerpiece for your entertainment space.

Designed with 8 player positions, complete with cup holders and chip trays, the Euclid table ensures a comfortable and organized gaming experience. Whether you're hosting a friendly poker night or a high-stakes tournament, this table provides ample space for everyone to enjoy the game.

The dining top features a visually stunning plain sliced book-matched fancy veneer surface with a solid wood outer frame, adding a touch of elegance to your dining experiences. Gather your loved ones around this beautifully crafted table, creating an atmosphere of refined luxury during mealtime.

At a comfortable dining height of 31 inches, the Euclid table promotes seamless transitions between gaming and dining experiences. Adjustable levelers ensure stability and balance on any flooring surface, providing a smooth and enjoyable gaming or dining experience for all.

Personalize your table even further by selecting from a wide range of felt colors or opting for a luxurious leather insert. This customization allows you to create a table that reflects your individual style and adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming or dining experiences.

With the option of custom finishes, the Euclid table can be tailored to your specific design requirements, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly complements your space and showcases your unique taste.

For those seeking an extra level of luxury, optional leather coasters and chip tray liners are available. These accessories not only enhance the sophistication of your gaming experience but also provide practicality and durability, ensuring the preservation of your table's surfaces.

Elevate your gaming and dining experiences with the Darafeev Euclid Poker & Dining Table. With its exceptional craftsmanship, customizable options, and seamless transformation, this table invites you and your guests to enjoy unforgettable moments together. Create a space that exudes elegance and sophistication, setting the stage for hours of entertainment and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Weight and Dimensions
Dimensions Size: 54″,48", 60"
Height: 31″ 
Under Clearance: 27″


48" Round- 135 lbs
54" Round - 180 lbs
60" Round - 200 lbs


Famous Clientele who bought Darafeev Tables:


     Tom Brady & Gisele         Jack Nicklaus                 Eddie Murray

            Bundchen                                                        Baltimore Orioles/

 New England Patriots               Golfer                        Hall of Famer


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Main Features & Benefits
  • Round Flip-Over Design: The Euclid table features a round flip-over design, allowing for easy transformation from a gaming surface to an exquisite dining table.

  • 8 Player Positions with Cup Holders and Chip Trays: The table accommodates up to 8 players and includes cup holders and chip trays for each position, ensuring a comfortable and organized gaming experience.

  • Dining Top with Fancy Veneer Surface and Solid Wood Outer Frame: The dining top features a visually stunning plain sliced book-matched fancy veneer surface with a solid wood outer frame, adding elegance and sophistication to your dining experiences.

  • Fabric-Covered Storage Compartment: The table includes a fabric-covered storage compartment, providing a convenient and discreet space to store gaming accessories.

  • Adjustable Levelers: The table is equipped with adjustable levelers to ensure stability and balance on any flooring surface.

  • FinishMatte Charcoal Maple

  • Optional Leather Coasters and Chip Tray Liners: Enhance the luxury and protection of your table with optional leather coasters and chip tray liners.

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