Premium Poker & Lounge Chair Set: 4, 6 or 8 Poker Chairs by BBO

$1,240.00 $1,488.00 -17% OFF

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Premium Poker & Lounge Chair Set: 4, 6 or 8 Poker Chairs by BBO

$1,240.00 $1,488.00 -17% OFF

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Product Description

Introducing the BBO Premium Poker & Lounge Chair Set, where luxury and comfort meet in perfect harmony. Elevate your gaming experience and lounge in style with these meticulously crafted chairs. With solid oak leg and back structures, premium soft leather vinyl upholstery, high-density molding sponge seat cushion, and exquisite lacquer and gloss finish, these chairs offer a level of sophistication and comfort that will enhance any gaming or lounge area.

Choose from sets of 4, 6, or 8 chairs to accommodate your gaming needs. Each chair is expertly designed with solid oak leg and back structures, ensuring durability and stability for long-lasting performance. The premium soft leather vinyl upholstery in coffee or black color adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your gaming space. The leather back and top, combined with the vinyl seat, provide a perfect blend of style and durability.

Experience unparalleled comfort with the high-density molding sponge seat cushion. Sink into the plush cushioning and enjoy the ultimate support during extended gaming sessions or relaxing moments. The premium 3 layers of lacquer and 2 layers of gloss finish not only enhance the visual appeal of the chairs but also provide added protection, ensuring long-lasting durability and a beautiful shine.

The BBO Premium Poker & Lounge Chairs are not only designed for gaming but also for lounging in style. The sophisticated aesthetics and luxurious materials make these chairs a versatile addition to your game room or lounge area. Whether you're hosting a high-stakes poker night or simply unwinding with friends, these chairs offer the perfect balance of comfort and elegance.

Invest in the BBO Premium Poker & Lounge Chair Set and indulge in the ultimate gaming and lounging experience. Enjoy the combination of solid oak construction, premium upholstery, and high-density cushioning that these chairs provide. Create an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere in your game room or lounge area, where comfort and style blend seamlessly. Embrace the luxurious design and quality craftsmanship, elevating your gaming and lounging moments to a whole new level.

Main Features & Benefits
  • Set of 4, 6, or 8 chairs: Provides ample seating for your gaming or lounge area, accommodating different group sizes.

  • Solid oak leg and back structures: Invest in chairs that are built to last, providing a sturdy and reliable seating option for years of enjoyment.

  • Premium soft leather vinyl upholstery: Adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your game room or lounge area.

  • High-density molding sponge seat cushion: Offers superior comfort and support during extended periods of sitting.

  • Premium 3 layers of lacquer and 2 layers of gloss finish: Enhances the aesthetics and provides added protection.

  • Versatile use for poker and lounging: Suitable for both gaming and relaxation purposes.

  • Sophisticated design and premium materials: Creates an upscale and stylish ambiance in your gaming or lounge area.

  • Comfortable seating for extended periods: Designed for long-lasting comfort during gaming or lounging sessions.

  • Durable construction for longevity: Built to withstand regular use and provide reliable performance.

  • Perfect balance of style and comfort: Combines sophistication with ergonomic design.
Chairs Weight and Dimensions
  • 39 Inch high back design.
  • Seat width 18.5" tapering to 19.75"
  • Back width 18.5" tapering to 21".
  • From floor to top of seat is 20.5"

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